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Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Parent Portal.  We are pleased that you are taking the time to check on your child’s progress in school.  This tool allows you to check on your child’s grades and attendance, as well as see what assignments are due and are coming up.

We do hope you understand as you check on your child’s grades that no matter how hard a teacher tries to keep up, grading papers and entering grades takes a lot of time.  So while an assignment may have been turned in, it may not be graded immediately.  But teachers can mark that an assignment has been turned in so you know it is in but not yet graded.

Again, we are very pleased that you are taking the time to check on your child’s progress at school.  Let me know if there is anything else we can do to assist you in being a partner in your child’s education.


George Wood 

Federal Hocking Superintendent and Secondary School Principal

PS.  The Parent Portal does not work for kindergarten through fourth grade.  Our developmentally appropriate report card at that grade is not compatible with the current computer-based report card at this time.  

Click HERE for our Parent Portal.

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