Food Service

Jane Linscott
Assistant to the Treasurer


                                                               Farm to School Project


Federal Hocking Local Schools Farm to School Program


The Federal Hocking Local School system is committed to serving healthy nutritious meals to our students.  Both breakfast and lunch are served every day of the academic year.  This means nearly 180 days a year school children receive ⅔ of their meals in the school cafeteria. Together with the administrative team and teachers the cafeteria staff is dedicated to serving meals that are healthy and delicious.  The nutritional quality of our school meals has a direct impact on the health of our students.

In the summer of 2020 the District was awarded a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to support the development of a Farm to School Program.

The award of more than $98,000 dollars from the USDA combines matching funds from both the Federal Hocking Local Schools and Rural Action.  The funds are designated to cover the costs of a full time coordinator for the first year of the program, kitchen equipment to support increased processing needs, and student engagement activities like farm tours, increased education about food, school garden activities and special school events.

Using healthy local produce not only improves the quality of the meals that students eat it also teaches students to respect the work of local farmers and the importance of supporting the local economy.  By increasing the amount of local food provided in cafeterias, the district can feed students well and create opportunities in agriculture for both students and farmers/producers.


Program Objectives 

  1. Increase the amount of local produce and products served in school meals.

  2. Educate students about healthy eating and the importance of agriculture, local farmers and food.

  3. Expand the capacity of the school pantries and summer food bus to better serve the Federal Hocking Community.

  4. Create best practices and programs in the district that will serve as models for other rural school systems.


Planning and Advisory Team 


A Planning and Advisory Team was formed in September 2020 to assist in the development of the program. Members of the team represent farmers, parents, and faculty (including the cafeteria staff, Rural Action staff, Board members and administrative staff.  As a team their role encompasses sharing their knowledge, helping to design aspects of the program and informing the larger Federal Hocking community about the project.


Planning and Advisory Team Members


Farmers/ Producers:

Ronda Clark-Blackberry Sage (also Parent)

Larry Cowdery-Cowdery Farms

Melanie Linscott-Deep Roots Farm (also Parent)

Rob Philip-RL Valley Ranch

John Stock-Snowville Creamery

Tom Witten-Witten Family Farms



Heather Lantz (Coolville)

Stephanie Moon (Amesville)

Lisa Servia Villamil (Coolville)

Mike Bellar (MS/HS)


Board Member:

Kerry Sheridan-Boyd (also Parent)


Cafeteria Staff:

Peggy Edwards (Coolville) 

Connie Owens (Amesville)



Wellness Coordinators:

Chelsea Runge-Farley (Coolville)

Tobey Witschey (Amesville)

Ad Hoc Faculty:

Cliff Bonner (MS & HS)

Bruce Hoover (Coolville)

Jennifer Spero (Amesville)


Elected Official:

Chris Chmiel-Integration Acres and County Commissioner


Grant Stakeholders:

Jake Amlin

Tom Redfern



Farm to School Program Coordinator:

Lynne Genter