HS/MS Update on Midterms and Learning Plan


     A few items for parents.  First, midterms were mailed earlier this week.  If you haven’t received them already, you should be getting them in the next few days.  Regarding midterms, many students are not doing as well as they could or should.  Due to internet issues, we know that some are behind and are working hard to get caught up.  However, many others with internet access are not working up to potential and are not following the guidelines as set forth by teachers.  Remember, students are to check email each day, check Google Classroom each day, and if they are having trouble, they should either meet with teachers during their class meetings or at another time which is scheduled with the teacher.  This, of course, does not include students that are coming in and meeting with teachers in person. There is still plenty of time to improve your grades, especially those concerned about athletic eligibility which will be determined by the 6 week report cards.  The end of the first six weeks grading period is October 9th.

     Second, for those parents whose children are coming into the building, be sure to screen them at home prior to sending them.  You should check their temperature and if it is higher than 100.1 you should keep them home.  In addition, if they are exhibiting two or more of the symptoms listed on fedhock.com, please keep them home.  The list is located in the COVID-19 school presentation located on the Corona Virus News Page.  If they come to school with a fever or two or more of those symptoms, you will have to pick them up as we will not send them home on a bus.

     Finally, I know the central office is working on helping families get hotspots.  In the meantime, we are allowing students without access to come into the building twice a week.  If your family is having internet problems, let us know and we can arrange for your child to come in.

     As always, please contact us with any other issues or concerns you may have.

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