Weekly Update for HS/MS Parents

Federal Hocking HS/MS

Weekly Update

Friday Oct. 23, 2020


Welcome Back: 

  • It was nice seeing students in the building this week.  Students overwhelmingly seemed happy to be back and demonstrated that through their adherence to the new guidelines implemented to keep everyone safe.  There were zero issues around safety this week and the staff appreciates that our students took those guidelines seriously.


  • Also, we know that some students were disappointed that school this week was not how it was prior to the global pandemic.  Remember, just as we have been flexible and allowed students time to learn and adjust to the virtual learning, teachers are also learning how to teach both in-person and virtual classrooms.  Please allow them the courtesy of your patience as they learn and grow during these challenging times.


  • Thanks to all of our parents as it appeared obvious that you were screening your children prior to sending them to school.  This absolutely helps to keep illness from spreading at school and it will be even more important as the temperature keeps dropping.  Thanks again!


Fall Grading Periods:

  • Mon. Aug. 31 - First Day for Students Fall Semester

  • Fri. Sept. 18 - G1 Midterms

  • Fri. Oct. 9 - End of G1 6 Wks

  • Fri. Oct. 30 - G2 Midterms

  • Fri. Nov. 20 - End of G2 6 Wks

  • Fri. Dec. 11 - G3 Midterms

  • Fall Semester State EOC Testing Dates:

    • Mon. Dec. 7 - Fri. Dec. 11 - EOC Exams

    • Mon. Dec. 14 - Fri. Dec. 18 - Make-up EOC Exams

  • Fri. Jan. 15 - End of G3 6 Wks

  • Tue. Jan. 19 - First Day for Students Spring Semester


Parent-Teacher Conferences:

  • Teachers are still working on a plan for PT Conferences.  Meanwhile, you can always contact your child’s teacher by phone or email prior to any conferences that are scheduled.  If you can’t reach them, please call the office at 740-662-6691.



  • This past week we have had many damaged Chromebooks brought in for repair.  As you can imagine, the ability to get new Chromebooks is difficult and costly.  If your child’s CB is damaged, they may not be able to get a new one for some time.  Please be sure your child takes the utmost care of their device.  Please utilize the bags we have provided, be sure it stays out of the hands of much younger siblings, and care for it gingerly as they are fragile and can break easily.  Also, repairs are costly and we may not issue a new CB until damages are fully paid. 


Virtual Learning:

  • Parents and students, it is very important to read materials, watch videos and follow the instructions given by the teacher before completing an assignment.  Also, Students need to check assignments that have been turned in.  More often than not, the assignments are being returned to the students for completion or correction.  Students need to check to make sure they have received a grade for each assignment.  If they have not, there is more work to be done.  Also, students have 4+ days to complete assignments depending on when the teacher posts them.  It would be good if they developed a schedule to work on them for a period of time each day.  Time management is key! Also, just because an assignment is “turned in” doesn’t mean it’s complete. There’s been some “turn ins” that have been blank. 



  • We know that this school year, so far, is not how seniors might have imagined it.  However, there is still hope that it might not end that way.  Meanwhile, seniors are still required to do their senior year capstone projects.  They are still a FH Graduation requirement and each senior must present a show-and-tell every six weeks during the first semester for a pass/fail grade.  Contact your child’s advisor if you have any questions.


November Schedule:

  • Mon 11/2 and Tue 11/3 - No School

  • Wed 11/4 - Cohort A

  • Thur 11/5 Cohort B

  • Mon 11/23 - Cohort A

  • Tue 11/24 - Cohort B

  • Wed 11/25 - No School

  • Thur 11/26 - No School


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