Weekly Update for HS/MS - Nov. 12, 2020

Federal Hocking HS/MS

Weekly Update

Friday November 13, 2020

Information on grading, communication, and attending virtual meetings Here is some information for parents and students that may help your child be more successful on the virtual platform and might also improve your ability to communicate with teachers.


  • Our school day is between 7:50 AM and 2:50 PM.  Students should plan to work and be available between those hours as that is the time they would normally be in school.


  • Students with internet capabilities should plan to attend all virtual class meetings scheduled by their teachers.  Of course, there will be times when you cannot, but then  you should contact your teacher prior to that meeting and make arrangements to meet virtually or talk by phone at another time.


  • If you send an email after school hours, a teacher may not get back to you immediately.  Most likely they will, though, sometime the next school day.


  • If you turn in work late or right at the deadline, teachers may not get those graded immediately.  You must allow them time to grade work just as they were flexible with you by allowing late work.


  • Please do not call or text teachers late at night or on weekends.  If you need to communicate after school hours or on days that aren’t school days, the best way to communicate is through email and they will get back to you most likely on the next school day.  That said, emails and communications sent during school hours are more likely to be answered in a timely manner.


  • Do not wait until the last minute to work on school work.  If you do, and have questions, you may not get the help you need in time to have your work completed by the deadline.  See the success plan in the shared link.  Plan to work during school hours each day and this won’t be an issue.


  • Those students coming in twice a week should plan on getting everything they need in order to work offline the other three days of the week.  Your teachers can help you but if you are working in class and seemingly have no questions, teachers assume you are able to complete the work at home as well.



Links to help your child with distance learning:



Clubs and Sports still looking for members:

  • The Adventure, Archery, Art, Drama Clubs as well as the GSA are still looking for members.  Email the teachers below for each if you are interested or would like more information:

Also, there is room for more 8th grade boys on the basketball team.  Email or call Mr. Seeger (kseeger@fhlancers.com; 740-662-6691) if you are interested.

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