HS/MS Return to Learning Message January 2021


Good afternoon,

  This is a message for parents of high school and middle school students.  


   First, we are looking forward to resuming school next week. Please listen carefully to see how the schedule for the upcoming few weeks affects you and your student.


**The hs and ms are on First Semester until Friday Jan. 29th.  That is the last day of both the third 6 week grading period and the semester.  If you were a virtual learner during Fall Semester, we ask that you remain virtual until that day.  This even if your child is planning to return to in-person learning.  As classes will not change until Feb. 1, we will be unable to accommodate  you until the semester changes.


So to reiterate, the schedule is as follows:


  1. Monday Jan. 18th is a holiday so no school; 

  2. Tuesday the 19th is a virtual learning day only;

  3. Wednesday the 20th begins our return to in person learning for Fall Semester students only.  That will continue until Friday Jan. 22.


  1. Monday Jan. 25 is a virtual learning day for Fall Semester.  In person learning will occur Tuesday Jan. 26 through Friday Jan. 29th, the last day of the semester.

  2. Monday Feb. 1st is a virtual learning day for Second Semester.  Tuesday begins our in-person learning for the new semester.  All students who committed to return along with those remaining on in-person learning can attend.

  3. This schedule can be found on fedhock.com.


 Second, due to the pandemic and challenges facing both staff and students during this time, students may be limited in what they can schedule for second semester.  We are asking both students and parents to be understanding as we try to plan for as safe a return to in-person learning as possible.  Just know that you may not get the exact schedule that you would normally like but we will accommodate you as best as we are able.  Again, this in an effort to keep everybody safe and healthy and to work within our staffing and academic needs..


This message will be posted on Fedhock.com under the secondary school tab if you missed any part of it.  And as always, you can call the school on Tuesday morning if you have any questions.  Thanks and have a great holiday weekend.


Cliff Bonner

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