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COVID-19 Guidance

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I wanted you to all be aware of some new information that was put out by the CDC. Below you will find the information that was updated by the CDC.  

  • People age 2 and older should wear masks in public settings and when around people who don’t live in their household.

  • Masks offer some protection to you and are also meant to protect those around you, in case you are unknowingly infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

  • A mask is NOT a substitute for social distancing. Masks should still be worn in addition to staying at least 6 feet apart.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol after touching or removing your mask.

  • Masks may not be necessary when you are outside by yourself away from others, or with other people who live in your household. However, some localities may have mask mandates while out in public and these mandates should always be followed.

  • CDC is still studying the effectiveness of different types of masks and will update our recommendations as new scientific evidence becomes available


Please make sure you and your students are wearing masks as much as possible. Masks must cover entire mouth and nose. Masks should be tight fitting, with no gapping. The CDC is finding that wearing a mask will provide protection to those around you and may even provide some protection to yourself, from catching the virus. Masks do not replace social distancing, CDC recommends using 6ft distancing while masked. Keep in mind that removing your mask is okay if you are outside, or by yourself as stated above, unless otherwise mandated. Please remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after touching your mask. Thank you guys!