Summer School PU/DO

2023 Summer School Pick up/Drop off Points for HS/MS only !!!

Amesville Route:  Betty Bus# 11

6:40am--Gilchrist BP –1:10pm

6:45am --Amesville School –1:05pm

7:05am --690 (Park-n-ride) –12:40pm

7:20am --Hope Drive – 12:35pm

7:45am--Marathon –12:10pm

7:55am--Old Middle School –12:05pm

8:00am--HS/MS –12noon

Coolville Route: Angie Bus # 18

7:05am --Torch (Rutland gas) –12:55pm

7:15am --Hocking Port (Ketchum’s Station) –12:40pm

7:25am --Coolville Elementary –12:35pm

7:35am --Vanderhoof (County Garage)–12:30pm

7:45am --Lottridge –12:20pm

7: 50am --Cross Bethany Ridge –12:10pm (If you live on a road that meets Bethany come to that point)

8:00am --HS/MS 12:00 noon