Federal Hocking Local Schools proposal for the American Rescue Plan Act Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER)

Congress has authorized the American Rescue Plan Act that resulted in the supplemental funding of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). The purpose of this funding is to assist local districts to address safety needs and recover student learning loss.

Amount allocated to Federal Hocking Local Schools: $3,417,234.88

These funds must be spent by September 2024. At least 20% of the funds must be spent on learning recovery strategies.

Federal Hocking Local Schools will invest in these priorities:

  • Learning Recovery and Supports for Schools
  • Supplies to Support Learning and Teaching
  • Technology and Support
  • Professional Learning
  • Infrastructure Improvements

Learning Recovery and Supports for Schools

Summer School - Supplemental summer programming will be available for students. This will provide them with small group intervention and extended learning specifically designed to close learning gaps created by lost time in our schools during the pandemic. Funds will also be used to purchase additional online supports that students will use during the school year.

English Language Arts and Math Curricular Resources - Funds will be used to provide desperately needed new curriculum resources in ELA and Math. The District Leadership Team along with Building Level Teams and Curriculum Committees will identify and recommend curricular materials to support teaching and learning for all students in all grade levels.

Assessment for Learning and Teaching – The district will purchase tools that will assist in assessing student learning and growth. NWEA Map Growth assessments will be used to identify gaps in learning so that instructional staff may respond appropriately to student learning needs. Students will also be surveyed at least once each semester for social emotional health using the Panorama Student Survey. Students who indicate through the survey that they need support will receive follow-up counseling. Students are routinely screened and monitored to measure progress. In fall of 2021, we will begin using NWEA MAP Growth Assessments to gain baseline student data that correlates with the Ohio Learning Standards. Data from the NWEA MAP Growth and other tools will be used for a Multi-Tiered System of Support for all students.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) - Specially designed and highly motivating STEM workshop-style learning during summer months and additional integration of STEM activities throughout the school year. Funds will be used to purchase supplies and equipment to support STEM activities for students during the academic year.

Supplies to Support Learning and Teaching

Funds will be used to implement prevention and mitigation strategies such as continuing to purchase and distribute supplies such as masks, sanitation devices, hand sanitizer, and other items recommended by the CDC for virus mitigation.

Technology and Support

Funds will be used to purchase and support technology for staff and students. Online credit recovery and remote learning for students who have specific documented health concerns will be available.

Professional Learning

Professional learning and development for new tools and strategies will be provided to staff. This will include training and development related to new curricular materials and assessment tools such as NWEA Map Growth and the Panorama Student Survey.

Infrastructure Improvements

HVAC – The district will make HVAC repairs and upgrades that will improve the air quality and climate for students and staff.

Emergency Generators – Power outages are frequent in our area. Because of this generators will be purchased and installed at Amesville Elementary School and Coolville Elementary School so that those facilities will continue to function in the event of an extended power outage.

Outdoor Learning Spaces – Funds will be used to improve our outdoor spaces as well as add additional facilities that will allow for increased social distancing and improved air quality, contributing to the overall wellness of our students.  This will include playground spaces at our elementary schools and space at the secondary school. The district will use the remaining ARP ESSER funds to renovate existing outdoor facilities such as the track related to the health and fitness of students.  This project will support learning pathways in physical education, athletics, health sciences as well as other areas. It will provide students with opportunities to improve their health and wellness.

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