Summer School Bussing 2022 HS/MS

Amesville Area:  Betty Cunningham

Sharpsburg B/P – 7:00am

Amesville School—7:10am

Hope Drive Apartments—7:25am

690/Canaanville/ Park and Ride—7:35am

Guysville/Marathon-- 7:45am

Stewart Old Middle School—7:55am

High school/ Middle school—8:00am



Coolville Area:  Jennifer Marks

Torch/ Rutland Bottle Gas—7:00am

Hockingport/ Gas station—7:10am

Coolville School—7:25am

Vanderhoof/Township Garage –7:35am

Bethany Ridge –7:45am (Bus will pick up students across Bethany Ridge)

High School/Middle School—8:00am



***These are the centralized pickup and drop off points for summer school kids. Please bring your student to one of these stops to be picked up.