The Lancer Care Clinic Staff just want to say thank you to the athletes and parents  that visited us at the clinic for their free sports physicals July 18th and 19th.  We were able to take care of 38 of our Lancers!  Please reach out to the clinic at 740.662.0541 for other sports physical options, and remember,  we are here to help you- all year round

Please call or visit the clinic between 7:30- 11 and 12-4 to get a head start on the 2022-2023 school year.  Complete your, required annually, school consent now.  This needs done  for the Lancer Care Clinic staff to  provide minor first aid to your student throughout the school day.

To use the Hopewell Health Centers services of your Lancer Care Clinic, please stop in to complete paperwork, bring photo ID, insurance information , and proof of income if you are applying for sliding fee- for higher levels of healthcare.  For other options to get the paperwork and get it to us, again, call 740.662.0541.

Otherwise, we are here as help for your students all year long with proper school consents in place.  Thank you Federal Hocking School District for your support!